Anthony Joshua Can Defeat Mike Tyson – Ex-World Champion Claims.

Former heavyweight boxing champion Larry Holmes claims that British-Nigerian boxer Anthony Joshua would have defeated Mike Tyson in his prime.

Recall that Mike Tyson defeated Larry Holmes on January 22, 1988, after holding the heavyweight title from 1978 to 1985.

Note that Fury recorded 50 wins, 6 draws, and just two defeats in his career. He also had 44 knockouts which ranked him as one of the best boxers of all time.

Before he was defeated by Tyson, Holmes got his first knockout defeat at the hands of Muhammad Ali.

Due to how good Holmes was during his days in the ring, the 73-year-old American former heavyweight boxer is a member of both the International and World Boxing Halls of Fame.

As a boxer who had faced Mike Tyson during their professional days, Holmes argued that Anthony Joshua has all it takes to beat Tyson even though AJ’s boxing abilities have been discredited by many critics lately.

“If he fought a guy like Mike Tyson, he’d win, he would have knocked out a prime Mike Tyson. There’s no reckon about it. Mike Tyson went down low and then came up and tried to throw roundhouses. But Joshua would just hit him with a straight right hand on the side of his damn chin and Mike wouldn’t get up,” Holmes said.

He never fought anyone who was coming up and trying to make their way in the sport. He just went in there – bang, bang, bang and knocked everyone out. That’s how he got the reputation as a puncher.

I’m not taking anything away from Mike Tyson, he kicked my a**. But I was out for two years, I had quit boxing, I hadn’t done anything for two years apart from singing with the band and travel.”