Dbanj’s Sister Responds To Do2dtun’s Allegations, Reveals Things She Tolerated While Married To Him.

The ex-wife of media personality, Do2dtun, Taiwo Oyebanjo, has taken to social media to publicly out her former husband, laying a series of accusations following his outburst a couple of days ago.

Recall, the on-air-personality via social media posted court documents on Wednesday night, asking to be allowed to see his kids and have custody during public holidays and festive periods.

Reacting to his outburst, Taiwo, in a statement via Instagram on Saturday night, accused the media personality of abusing her emotionally, sexually and psychologically.

She further begged her brother, D’banj and her relatives to forgive her following her former husband’s outburst on social media.

She wrote: “Dotun, Firstly, want to apologize to my daughters, would have loved to remain silent to protect them and shield them from all this madness. Also want to apologize to my family members as well. Mummy and daddy, Emabinu. D’banj I am sorry for all this may have caused you.

Dotun you have finally succeeded in making our private life public, which you know that I do not support. I am not surprised at all because all you ever do is to be deceitful while entertaining people. STOP MISLEADING NIGERIANS!! For 8 years tolerated your sexual abuse, emotional abuse, psychological abuse.can never recover from the trauma and pain you caused me. How did you expect me to raise the girls in that type of environment. This is not Dapo’s battle!!! Leave him out! All he did was help and cover your shame as you couldn’t keep up with your responsibilities and you are here fighting with D’banj.”

She continued saying: “Were you married to him or me? Dapo ever did was help us. The car (Honda CRV) you have had since we got married and still have today was brand new gift from Dapo. Dapo paid several rents so we did not live on the streets, I started working for Mohits fresh out of college after working at Deloitte before met you and you are lying to your social media family that my mum made me quit my job.

You encouraged me to keep working for Mohit for our own benefits so we would not have to beg. was abused for several years and ran for my life, this has nothing to do with Dapo.You’re using him to chase clout like you have always done. DOTUN YOU KNOW WHERE YOUR CHILDREN ARE STOP MISLEADING THE PUBLIC! They are NOT with my brother or family so stop deceiving everyone. It is obvious that you are not interested in seeing your daughters but obsessed about Dapo, and how to hurt him which has been your goal from the very beginning. Every decision have made was to protect the girls from your abuse!