“I Worked With Tinubu In The Past, He Is No Longer The Leader I Used To Know” – Bugaje.

A former member of the House of Representatives, Usman Bugaje, has said that President Bola Tinubu’s problem-solving abilities are gone.

Bugaje lamented that he had been disappointed by Tinubu’s output since he took over power.

The politician shared his reservations while speaking on Channels Television’s Politics Today

According to the former lawmaker, he worked with Tinubu in the past and expected more from him when he became president.

Bugaje said, “I have worked with him. I was in the Action Congress (AC), and Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN) so I have the privilege of having to work with him and I am honestly disappointed.

Because I expected – he’s a person who I know that would always have a book around him reading – he would always be able to engage but all that magic has evaporated. I don’t see it.

When asked if he thinks that the President has been demystified at the federal level, he replied, “I don’t know. We are still in the process, but certainly that magic, that idea of a person who can solve problems is not there.

“Look at the bundle of problems that are there. I knew that he had talents that he could apply to solve problems.

We are not able to solve any of our problems. Every Nigerian problem you know – that you see – every day – it gets worse,” he argued.

He claimed that Tinubu is not in charge of his government.

I can tell you one thing. Clearly, what we have seen is evidence of the fact that the President is not in charge. Someone else is in charge,” Bugaje argued.