IPOB Opens Up On Only Reason That Would Make Them Disband And Put An End To Biafra Agitation.

The spokesman of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), Emmanuel Powerful has said that the group would disband if the people vote against self-determination in a referendum.

Powerful insisted that the United Nations charter has given them the right to chart their own political future if their political and economic survival is threatened.

Powerful, who a few days ago issued a statement indicating the readiness of IPOB to dialogue with the Nigerian government on the issue of referendum, however, stated that the group was not begging for it.

He argued that it is up to the federal government to decide if they want to dialogue with them.

Powerful insisted that the Biafra referendum is sacrosanct and nothing will stop it from ushering in Biafra restoration and independence.

He said, “We never begged for dialogue or discussion with Nigeria, the options are left for them to decide. IPOB worldwide is ready anytime they are ready; we don’t want people to see that statement as if we are begging for dialogue or discussion, the Biafra referendum is sacrosanct and nothing will stop it to usher in Biafra restoration and independence.

“We saw so many wrong comments from mostly those enemies from other tribes who think they can bring IPOB down. Some people think IPOB is hard to believe in peaceful dialogue and discussion.”

Speaking further, IPOB declared that any negotiation must have its leader, Nnamdi Kanu, present when he would have regained his freedom.

Powerful noted that the Republic of Biafra was in existence before the British invasion and colonisation of the territories of the indigenous peoples and called it Nigeria.

For IPOB to engage Nigeria in any negotiations and dialogue for the Biafra referendum, first Kanu must be released unconditionally. He will lead the negotiation. Secondly, the international community represented in the UN, AU, EU, the USA government, the Russian government, and Israel must be represented at the negotiation table.

“Should the Nigeria government remain adamant and refuse to obey extant laws on self-determination, IPOB and Biafrans will continue with civil disobedience within the boundaries of international laws until our demands are met.

For us in IPOB, every card is on the table. As freedom fighters, we adequately harness every available opportunity for Biafra independence. As long as Biafrans are forced to remain in a deadly union that threatens our survival called Nigeria, we shall ensure the economic and political survival of Nigeria is under threat as well.

We can assure Nigeria that IPOB members and Biafrans will never capitulate on our self-determination struggle. On the other hand, if Biafrans are allowed to have a referendum and majority vote ‘yes’ for us to exit, Biafra and Nigeria shall remain friendly nations. But if the majority voted ‘no’ for us to remain in Nigeria, the IPOB’s job would have been done and the movement would be disbanded,” he added.