Lagos Losing Four Trillion Annually To Traffic Congestion – Report Reveals.

According to a recent research by the Danne Institute for Research, severe traffic congestion is costing Lagos State, Nigeria’s commercial center, N4 trillion every year.

Streetdope  reports that the Bank of Industry and Africa Finance Corporation funded the study, “Behavioural Causes of Traffic Congestion in Lagos,” which emphasized the urgency of taking quick action to lessen the financial and social costs.

The report detailed that Lagosians spend an average of 2.21 hours commuting daily, with 45 per cent spending more than two hours.

The Executive Director of the Danne Institute for Research, Franca Ovadje, claims that the enormous loss would have prevented funding for essential industries like infrastructure development, healthcare, and education.

Inadequate road infrastructure, breaking traffic laws, agberos’ actions at bus stops, and busses picking up passengers are among the behavioural variables that the research names as the primary cause.

Ovadje stressed that Lagos’s 21 million-strong population is not converting into corresponding productivity due to the crushing impact of congestion on daily life.

The research went on to say that respondents’ top concern was traffic congestion, and they offered remedies that centred on building, maintaining, and repairing roads as well as prohibiting agberos and strictly enforcing traffic laws.

In order to increase efficiency, draw in investments, and produce significant amounts of internally generated money through law enforcement, the report urges government authorities to give priority to implementing the recommendations.