LG Funds Diversion: He Lied Against Me And Must Be Ready To Defend His Allegation – Gov Abiodun

There seem to be more troubles coming the way of the impeached Chairman of Ijebu East Local Government in Ogun State, Wale Adedayo.

StreetDope News recalls that Adedayo had accused the Ogun State Governor, Dapo Abiodun, of diverting local government funds.

On Tuesday, the governor said the impeached LG boss should brace up to defend his allegations because he lied against him.

The governor, at a meeting with leaders of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Ijebu East Local Government, said Adedayo didn’t only lie against him as governor but also as Dapo Abiodun and he has to answer to it.

While pushing for more discipline within the party, Abiodun said, “There are two things; he lied against me as the governor, he lied against me as Dapo Abiodun, he spoilt my name, and he tried to incite the public against the government. Wale Adedayo has to answer all these allegations one after the other.

We have to instill discipline in governance, discipline in the party, and people have to be accountable for what they say. You must be accountable for what you say so that you will always think very well before taking any nasty action.

“People have to be made to bear the consequences of whatever they say, and until we do that, they will not stop, and I am prepared to ensure that Wale Adedayo is held responsible for what he has said.

He said he is committed to what he has said. He has to go and prove and show that I, Dapo Abiodun, Governor of Ogun State, diverted public funds. He has to go and prove that.”

Speaking further, Abiodun said he had never tampered with LG funds.

“The funds for the local government go straight into the account of local governments where they meet, share and remove what we call first-line charge from it; the salary of health workers, teachers in the local government, staff of the local government themselves and the salary

of traditional rulers.

.“He collects his security votes. It has never been late. I even look for projects for them. Sometimes, I dip my hand into state funds for them so they can also have projects to execute. That same person can now say that I have been diverting local government funds,” he explained.