Panic Amongst Residents As Huge Snake Invades Lagos Estate.

Fear gripped residents of the Dolphin estate in Lagos State after a huge python was killed last night for invading the home of one of the residents.

According to one of the estate residents, Olaudah Equiano, the snake was killed in a property occupied by a known young man who was absent but had a driver who lives in the boys’ quarter of the building

The driver was in the boys’ quarters, which had a weak ceiling where the python came to lie and fell into the house.

The driver, apparently afraid called the owner to notify him that there was a huge snake in his house.

The owner of the property immediately called a friend in Parkview estate who came in with a licenced shot gun, and killed the python instantly.

In the video shared on social media by Olaudah, residents can be seen celebrating after the huge snake was killed.