PDP Controlled Almost Two-Thirds Of States When In Power’ – APC Speaks On Hijacking INEC, Judiciary.

The National Publicity Secretary of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Felix Morka, has debunked insinuation that the ruling party has hijacked the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) and the country’s judiciary.

Streetdope reports that Morka, in an interview with The Sun, said it is ridiculous to say that APC has pocketed the electoral umpire due to its various outings in the ongoing 2023 election litigation process.

The APC chieftain referenced how the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) controlled almost two-thirds of the states while in power, and Nigerians did not imply that INEC was its appendage.

Morka argued there is nothing wrong with APC winning elections or court cases, adding that the same court that declared the Bayelsa State Governor, Douye Diri, as winner is the same court that rejected the ruling party’s prayer up to the Supreme Court in Osun State and awarded the opposition party victory.

He said, “That is ridiculous. It is nonsense to say that INEC is now an arm of APC. Are you saying that when the PDP was in power and controlled almost two-thirds, if not more of the states in Nigeria, INEC was its appendage? You are implying that every time a ruling party has control of more states and national spread, then the electoral commission becomes its appendage. Why conduct an election if somebody cannot win even in all 36 states? There is such a possibility. Election is like the World Cup, a winner must emerge at the end of the contest. We cannot denigrate our democracy in this manner. When you frame a question like that without any ostensible justification, you raise the spectre that our democracy is flawed.

People miss that point. APC is the progressive party in relation to the PDP, but does it stop people from the PDP from joining the APC? It doesn’t. And when PDP is in power, even at the national level, has it ever stopped anybody in the states from joining the opposition party? People move up and down. So, when a party is in power, somehow, more people gravitate towards the party for whatever reason. That party will naturally wield more clout, dominance, access and success at the poll because key people in different states who influence opinion may have shifted to join it. It is easier to move from one party to the other in Nigeria than it is in Germany, the UK, or the United States. It is because there are other features that underline democracy. We can’t discount that. This idea that whenever it happens, people will say that the electoral umpire is in our pocket is not true.

“I don’t understand how one can say that of the same Nigeria courts and INEC that just declared election in favour of PDP in Bayelsa State. Is it the same court that rejected APC’s prayers up to the Supreme Court and awarded PDP victory in Osun State? If INEC had declared any of the LP or PDP winner, would those Nigerians that you are approximating their opinions complain or say that the commission is in APC’s pocket? I am sure that PDP or LP supporters will be celebrating everywhere. So, what is wrong with APC winning elections or winning court cases that the PDP has also won or lost sometimes?